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How are accessible portfolios at Strowz helping my returns?
How are accessible portfolios at Strowz helping my returns?
Information about our accessible portfolios product
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With our low entry investment product you can invest £10, £1000 or £25,000 or more and still get the same % of performance for your investment!

How this works:
We bring all the investments together in one large investment pot that gets allocated to the respective Strowz High Growth, Growth or ISA specific portfolio. This ensures that with the help of our intelligent Strowz platform, to guide us in our buying and selling shares, stocks, options (where appropriate) etc we can make the most of the combined amount in the investment pot.

We call it optimising everyone’s investment in a uniquely intelligent, digital way! For each account the returns are a % of the total portfolio return, relevant to the amount they have funded their Strowz account with. You can read more about our accessible portfolios and why they are so important here.

This is how everyone who invests with MarketsFlow can make the most of their money, no matter how big or small the amount.

You can find out more about Strowz investment here.

See our latest portfolio performance.

Capital at risk. Past performance isn't a guide to the future. See detailed disclaimer notes.

Strowz Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No. 792373)

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