In order to use Automated Deposits feature, you will need to setup a Direct Debit with Strowz.

We use GoCardless to process our Direct Debits.

To setup a Direct Debit for the first time, click on any Savings Bucket details screen as below. Click on Setup Direct Debit button to start. 

You will be automatically redirected to GoCardless screen as below with a form to Set up a Direct Debit with Strowz. To set up a Direct Debit, you'll need the bank name, account number, and sort code of the account you want to transfer from to save in your Savings Buckets. You must be the account holder and the only person required to authorise debits from the bank account. Complete the form and click on Set up Direct Debit button. Once completed, your Direct Debit with Strowz will be activated to make monthly savings.

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