Strowz Premium Account subscription helps you grow your money and manage your financial life, including savings for short, medium and long-term dreams and goals by creating Savings Buckets & Round-Ups and accessing High Growth Investments.

Here are the full benefits:

  • Access 2% interest rate on all your Savings Buckets
  • Create more than 1 Savings Bucket on Strowz App
  • Design your financial life based on 8 Savings categories on Strowz concierge
  • Create more than 1 customised Round-Ups on Strowz App
  • Access GIA and ISA Investment Portfolios and invest from £10

Strowz Premium Account cost £1/month and can be cancelled at any time giving 30 days notice. 

Start saving and living your dreams! 

Learn more about upgrading your Standard Account to Premium Account.

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