Visit Round-Ups (as below) from Home or Finances screen. Click on the (+) icon

In the next screen New Round-Up, you can create a new customised Round-Up applicable to an existing Savings Bucket. If you do not have a Savings Bucket in place, the App will automatically create a new Savings Bucket for your Round-Up. 

You can setup as many Round-Ups as you like.

To setup a Round-Up:

  • Select a Savings Bucket, if applicable
  • Select Round-Ups to be applied to in terms of the nearest value ie £1, £2, £3 or £5
  • Apply Happy Tax ie £2 for a Spending Category (like coffee, drinks, etc.)
  • Set a Round-Up monthly limit
  • Pause a Round-Up

Once the above selections are made, click on Create a new Round-Up button. Your are all set. You now have a new innovative way to save your spare change and grow your money.

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