Strowz Ltd. is registered and regulated by the FCA to hold client moneys in their client money Bank account.

Data Confidentiality:

Strowz undertakes measurements to ensure data confidentiality is designed to prevent sensitive information from reaching the wrong people, while making sure that the right people have access to it. 

We do so by providing classification of security access levels according to the roles and responsibilities of the user.

Access is restricted to those authorised to view the data in question.

In our systems users are only allowed to access their relevant data, which maybe limited to their profile information and access to the daily price action data for portfolio management. Any transactions which constitutes to a specific user is restricted by their unique account id.

We also use data encryption before inserting it into the database and decrypting it whilst retrieving.

We also use use CSRF token during authentication, with session protection. We use highly secure one-way password hashing to add further level of secure authentication.

Data Integrity:

Strowz has specific policies in place to ensure integrity of data by maintaining consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of data over its entire system workflow.

We do this by limiting access to our data input feeds and having steps to restrict unauthorised access during transit. There are multiple layers of security access coupled with restrictive access to the libraries which process any external data feeds.

We also have measures implemented around access controls by including file permissions. We have version controls in place to prevent any potential erroneous change or accidental deletion by authorised users.

We have daily back-ups in place for restoring affected data in case of loss due to server crashes.

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