Round-Ups is an innovative way to save loose change.

Gone are the days when you put loose change into jars and stored them on your kitchen shelves.

With Round-Ups, Strowz conveniently saves your loose change every week to help it grow into sizeable savings.

You can allocate Round-Ups into a Savings Bucket and even earn 2% interest on it. Every little change helps!

Here is an example of how a Round-Ups work:

You stop by at Starbucks and go for a nice latte - it costs you £2.60, the extra £0.40 gets automatically saved into your Round-Ups Savings Bucket. You can round-up your purchase amount to a full £1, £2 or more. Learn about setting up a customised Round-Ups.

Before you know it, you will be richer using Round-Ups feature.

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